Whether you have just started looking for self-help options, ways to improve your life and well-being, you most likely have already heard of vision boards. But what exactly are vision boards, and can they help you? You may ask yourself, are these effective, should I create one? In this article, I have gathered some basic information to answer the questions you may have.

What are vision boards?

Vision boards (also called dream boards) are mainly collages of images, affirmations and ideas of your dreams, goals, desires, but there are no rules as to how you can create your own. Everyone can create a vision board that suits their style best and inspires them the most.

who should create a vision board?

Anyone can or should make a vision board who has goals and plans for the near and the far future. The main idea behind a vision board is to inspire and motivate you every time you take a look at it.

Just think about how many times it had happened to you that you saw an ad of your dream car, or saw a picture of your dream holiday destination and felt a drive instantly to work towards getting there. The concept is easy – you see the things you want to work towards every time you see your vision board, and it keeps motivation flowing.

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But does it work if you see your vision board several times a day?

Of course, you should change it from time to time. At least because our dreams and desires can change from day-to-day, and also because you want to feel excited about your possible future that you see on your vision board. Change some pictures, change some colors – it can be a small change at a time, you don’t need to redo your vision board all the time.


Nothing’s ever for everybody – it’s the case here as well. We have different personalities, different things motivate us. But if you want to make an extra step towards keeping your focus on your goals and targets, you should definitely consider creating your own board. It’s been highly endorsed by celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey or Steve Harvey.

“Man if I didn’t have a Vision Board, I’d be in trouble!” – Steve Harvey

Does it help with the law of attraction?

This is another topic – whether you believe in the law of attraction, whether you don’t, vision boards are often mentioned with regards to the law of attraction. This article is mainly about the practicalities of vision boards, the law of attraction will require a separate post which will be linked here.

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are there any cons?

To achieve your big dreams, you need to start step by step. It can be a hard and long journey to get there, so keep into consideration that you may only need to include your smaller dreams first, in case you get demotivated easily when you don’t reach your goals in a shorter time. Remember, doing nothing is always worse than doing something small at a time. About goal-setting and planning, I will create a separate post that will be linked here.


After all, I can say if the vision board helps to keep you on track towards your dreams and desires, it is worth taking the time to create one – depending on your options, time and effort, you can start from the basics, you don’t need to create the most visually pleasing board ever. As long as it keeps you motivated and inspired, it is worth having one. It is up to you to judge your situation and decide whether the vision board will be for your betterment, or if it’s not for you, but from my perspective, I recommend it.